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Sue P Gould

This work is such that in-person contact is not necessary, taking place within my own space, and your own space, virtually and remotely.

Do contact me if the work I offer to do on your behalf feels it may soothe and empower you at this time.



These are times when we are given opportunity to seek and own our resilience. We are by nature within a network, a social web of connections, and 'social isolation' can both reinforce this through our virtual networks and our inner connection with self or highlight the thin threads, snags and breaks that have been there all along yet hidden under the blanket of busy-ness and activity.


We each have our cultural story, our familial story, or circumstantial story, our soul story and to find our resilience is to find our story and re-tell it in a way that empowers us.


I call this re-storative re-storying and in essence this is what I offer here.



Working with Spirit and the natural world I offer to facilitate healing on your behalf and create ceremony with you through ancient wisdoms and shamanic practice. Your role is to integrate that which is shown to you so you may experience the fullness of your healing and wellbeing.


This is work which can assist from cradle to grave and all that is between and beyond.


There is also opportunity through a Soul Plan conversation for you to consider the talents you bring into this lifetime to overcome challenges and realise goals unique to you.


Please refer to individual pages for more information.

Journal Work:

If you would like to work in your own space and time with Journal Work I have created, or rather co-created, a guidance handbook, The Art of Elemental Living, available here. 

What people say:


"I turned to Sue for help during a difficult time. Her insightful, inner knowing, which she graciously shared with me, helped me to deal with the issue. Gracie and I are very grateful for her guidance and help in beginning the process needed to heal ourselves. I can't recommend Sue highly enough."    

"A Heartfelt thank you to Sue for her support. Sue's shamanic journey on my behalf was incredibly insightful and gave me the tools needed to help me navigate the difficult issue that life presented me with."

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