The Metamorphic Technique is suitable for all ages. It can be of benefit to children and teenagers whose innate intelligence is unfolding and may ease any glitches along the way. It can be taught to parents to use with their babies. Adults have often reported it to be a pleasant experience to receive The Metamorphic Technique, and to support their innate intelligence - sometimes these reports are of a greater sense of ease, sometimes of major life shifts.

I offer The Metamorphic Technique in person where appropriate.




Sometimes our souls ask for something quieter, something without talk. For this I offer the Metamorphic Technique, a gentle touch to feet, hands and head which was devised by Gaston St Pierre, with whom I trained. 


The Metamorphic Technique is an opportunity for your innate intelligence to subtly unfold from wherever or whatever you are to wherever or whatever you will be. The analogy of an acorn holding the innate intelligence of an oak tree within itself is often used; with the practitioner acting as the impartial ground of healthy soil. Another analogy is of the life cycle of a metamorphic being, such as a butterfly who travels through stages of life, each quite unique in itself and yet all are of one life force and one lifetime.


It is inappropriate to make suggestion of direction to another's innate intelligence, as your innate intelligence knows all there is to know for you. The very nature of The Metamorphic Technique is to stand aside, yet to be present alongside you, as soil is with an acorn, so the truth of who you are may unfold.


Children are to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Thank you.

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