• The Soul of It

December Dark

Seven seeds standing in soil. A peek reveals that they sleep on in the dark. A peek reveals that this is a time for trust. Not for me to doubt that they will sprout in spring. No. This is a time for me to step back and trust.

How often do we do that when we find ourselves immersed in dark?

So dark. As dark as buried in earth dark.

November was dark enough, but now, December Dark. I know, as you do too, I know. I've been here many times before, and I know that in three weeks from now the ultimate in-breath of dark of these lands will be lying in the manger of time before turning like an unfurling wound-up spring.....leading to, well, Spring.

But for now, I am still in the dark and these days... Oh, these days...I doubt just about everything. Including the well known fact that the sun will rise high in the sky again. With or without me. Our western culture has become so hypochondriacal towards the perceived dis-ease of our times that we have forgotten to focus our attention on our ease, our wellness; to support our health and wellbeing and to celebrate life around us.

No point running away from the dark, it's there and part of us for sure. But look, even among the deepest mass of dark there is shadow; and shadow means a light source is somewhere near. Look into this sunset. Non-linear black lines stretch eagerly towards the fiery end of day.

Can you see it ?

There, on the horizon.

The golden coin of life lingering one last moment before plunging into dark.

Like a treasure, deep in a pocket for safe keeping, the Sun sets.

But look into this sunset. Look to the side of the Beech Tree. See. Do see. There is a doorway, a portal to the Light. Light and Dark, the twins of our Soul. Relax. Go with it. The 'fear' is a moment as much as the 'love'. Drop into and out of each, and be with the emptiness of being in this twilight.

The stars will shine soon. The Mid-Winter Star will soon be seen atop that Tree, the one in your heart of golden memory. So be with your doubt, and remember to trust that each of us, including you and me, will be alright.


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