Reiki is a Japanese word which in essence means 'universal life force'. The energy of Reiki does not come from me rather I act as a 'hollow bone' through which the energy of light and love may flow.  

I offer Reiki  in person if  appropriate and at a distance.

I work with Reiki for the benefit of all beings and life forms - human, animal, plant and the land itself. I have offered Reiki in a variety of settings from therapy rooms with people to rescue centres for animals; to street dogs in Nepal to woodland beings in England and Wales.

For people, the experience of receiving Reiki varies with the person and the situation but many report feeling relaxed, eased, energised... really Reiki offers you that which will benefit you at your highest level of being and can be felt in ways which are unique to you.

Receiving Reiki works deeply on a physical level as much as an emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

Reiki is effective even when received at a distance, what is known as 'remotely'.  Receiving in person is a joy.

I work with intuition, inspiration and integrity.

If receiving Reiki resonates with you, you are welcome to contact me.

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