Shamanism is as old as the hills. Its ancient origins inform our modern knowing of who we are.  Shamanic practice is available for people and animals, for all with soul (providing they grant their permission).   It can prove it's worth at times of challenge and discomfort in our lives.
Whether times are feeling uncertain for you personally, or you are feeling the impact of societal, environmental, global uncertainty, Shamanic Healing may ease your sense of discomfort and empower you with insight.
For anyone, including young people, knowing who your 'power animal' is can be a real boost to navigating life's experiences.
I offer Shamanic Healing Practice both at a distance and in person.


A Shamanic Healing session is as individual as you are. As I work on your behalf with my Spirit Allies and Drum, I gather awareness of the situation that presents itself. For that reason each session is unique and will unfold in its own way.


For guidance, any of the following techniques could be within your session. 

Meet and Greet your Power Animal 

Often a good starting point for many people coming to shamanic practice is a desire to know who is watching their back or working with them in the unseen worlds of Spirit. Power Animals, also known as Power Allies, offer protection. Whilst all this is in the unseen world the effects of their presence or absence may manifest in the seen world to be experienced physically, emotionally and, or mentally. I can work on your behalf to invite your guardian power ally to step forward, and to assist you as you see them and build relationship with them.


If a Power Animal Ally has - for whatever reason - left, a retrieval is possible.

Releasing that which is not of you 

There may be nothing worse than 'not feeling quite yourself'. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, energy which is not ours becomes apparent. When this happens you may find that you feel out of balance or that you do not feel 'yourself' physically and /or emotionally. Once seen, the energy which is not yours can be removed by a technique known as 'extraction', and, don't worry, shamanic practice ensures any resulting 'gaps' are 'filled' with that which is beneficial to you. 

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes our souls look after us by partly stepping out of the way when shock or trauma occur. This is part of our 'self-preservation'. If this soul part does not return, if this fragmentation continues, we can experience distress in some form or other. So, the knack is to invite this absent part of soul back. Shamanic techniques I offer can assist  with this when you are ready to heal.


Assisting with the soul's process of dying and peace for the recently deceased

Shamanic soul work can also assist souls whose bodies have died, souls that have 'passed over' or are in the process of doing so. I have experience of this work with animals and people; at various stages of the approach, betwixt and between process, to bring peace and ease.


Shamanic work can also assist in other ways here, such as with ancestral healing.


Working with you to create ceremony to mark key stages of life. Beauty can be brought to enhance beginnings and endings thorough out our life journeys by creating ceremony which can be as simple as a breath or something more complex involving gathered objects and sound. However it is created, a sacred acknowledgement occurs. I work with you and on your behalf so you have opportunity to be fully engaged with the ceremony that arises.


As with all soul work, what ever is done on your behalf, the key to healing is the integration that is  done by yourself. Guidance is given as is appropriate as I walk the path with you for a short while.


If any of this work feels beneficial for you do contact me, in confidence, to discuss your situation:


A bit of background

There are many lineages and traditions of Shamanic work which can be found throughout the world.  I have received teachings from some of these over the years, including Kurikindi of Ecuador. I continue to research, discover and learn through that which is relevant to my path, especially my Nordic and Albion ancestral heritages, both for my own deep awareness and to ensure the best clarity I may offer to those who come to me for assistance.

Here in Britain, I would like to thank and mention two inspirational shamanic practitioners, teachers and mentors of good integrity that I have worked with: Suzi Crockford and Kim McMuldrow. 

Thanks also go to the late Sarah Howcroft.

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