SOUL PLAN to Discover Talents

A Soul Plan highlights the talents you have in this lifetime. It also shows you the challenges and goals you are likely to experience. A Soul Plan consultation is your opportunity to begin your exploration of these aspects of who you are.

Soul Plan Readings are useful for adults as a means to deepen self-awareness and at those times of reflection when trying to make sense of situations or recurring patterns in life.


Soul Plan Readings: our names are a resonance, a sound by which our individuality is expressed.  It seems that something of the experiences our soul chooses to explore in this lifetime, something of the energy of that, is intuitively picked up by our parents and a name which resonates with this energy is chosen.


Soul Plan work goes far back through many centuries and cultures. Its roots are Hebrew gematria and the Sefer Yetzirah, an ancient mystical Quabalistic text in which creation is seen to originate from 'letters of light' which correspond to sound. There are also links to Sanskrit. More recently these ancient ways have been explored and intuited by people such as Dr Frank Alper, and Blue Marsden of the Holistic Healing College (with whom I accredited under the tutorship of Roger Hanson).


Soul Plan begins by my drawing up a chart which will show the energies you may experience in this lifetime. You will have a copy of this chart. Challenges you may experience in this lifetime are highlighted, as are the talents with which you are able to work through these to realise your goals and your soul destiny. During our chat these are shown to you, we begin to explore them as you begin to consider the best ways forward for you at this time.

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