to Inspire Earth Connection

with Children at Heart 


​We all know there are loads of great projects going on in the UK and around the world where you can be with nature and wildlife.

Here's some ideas to add to what you already have, and you may wish to share with your young ones.

Engage and have fun, and maybe fundraise for a project that grabs your attention with your friends, family and / or school.


What can you do to take better care of our home - Planet Earth?



UK National Association for Environmental Education. Lots to glean from their website:


The Eden Project in Cornwall has a web page of ideas to explore with and for children:

The National Trust which works to safeguard British natural (as well as built) heritage for now and for generations to come:

The Wildlife Trust have local groups with a whole range of fun activities for children, teens and families:

Sustainable living resources and courses are available for schools, groups and individuals at the Centre for Alternative Technology:

The Permaulture Association has a project - the Children in Permaculture Project - specifically to engage children and adults in partnership with children in all that is 'permaculture':  also a page on their main web site:

To find out more about Forest School:


To get a good sense of where places are and how near or far they are from where you are look at an atlas or area map, or go on to a web site (google earth for example) with Earth maps. Seeing where these global projects are will help you to understand their geography and how that relates to what they are working with. 


The following projects are linked to Global Giving which operates from London, UK and Washington DC, USA.   This organisation not only acts as sign post for financial giving to development (and emergency) projects worldwide but can also link you to the people running the project. Which means you can get updates on how the project is using their resources.


If you are a teacher, home schooling parent, or feeling curious and / or philanthropic, you'll probably find lots of ideas and resources to support your work of inspiring and informing children and young people, and give you an idea of what young people are doing around the world.  Donating to these projects can make unusual virtual gifts for birthdays and other celebration occasions as well as being great fundraiser ideas.

You can also follow links to various eco-education and sustainable living organisations from quite a few of these projects.

It is encouraging how many projects there are on the Global Giving website, so to give you a heads up start, 

here's some of the projects that you could link in with : 

Growing an amazing garden - for food and flowers in Marakesh:


A wildlife hospital in the USA:

Explore how an environmental education team in Cambodia is making things beneficially happen:


Looking after South Africa's nature - including lions - means looking after yourself:


Make Green Maps charting ecological and cultural sustainable resources worldwide (organisation is based in USA):


Planting trees in India:

Discover how solar lighting can benefit people who have been living close to nature for generations:

See what young eco-leaders are up to in Brazil with an organisation called Iracambi:


Learning to love nature in the Atlantic Rainforest, South America:


The coral reefs are part of the marine ecosystems being researched and protected off the coast of Mexico by the Global Vision International Trust (based in UK):

Finding out what one organisation, ECCA in Nepal, is doing to bring sustainable living in to the school curriculum:


Learning traditional ways of caring for Earth in Russia:

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