The Spirit of Mother

Welcome to The Spirit of Mother

This space offers security

and comfort for those who enter

and sit in circle with me.

It is my shamanic path to work with spiritual allies of birthing, mothering, and protection of children. This path has been honed over the years through down-to-earth personal and professional experience with the young, and those who take on 'mothering' roles.


Spiritual guidance for this work comes from a Mother Spirit woven into and with shamanic aspects of my northern heritage, together with deep insights of compassion gained during a pilgrimage trek that led me to 'Namo Buddha' monastery in Nepal.



Spirit of Mother Healing Guidance

It is with the guidance of these spiritual allies that I work on your behalf -  whether you come with a mother wound to heal, a creative project to launch, concerns for your children, a life-marking ceremony to create...   the reasons you may come here are as individual as you are.


I work in person and virtually according to circumstance. When you contact me we can discuss appropriate options.


You can contact me here: 


Spirit of Mother Events

I offer soulful, nourishing events in which to connect with your inner creativity and  'Mother' Spirit.


These beautiful restorative afternoons are for you to deepen your connectivity with Self, with Mother Earth and with what can best be described here as Cosmic or Source Mother. 

Through story, gentle sound, creative activity and response to Drum-led journey meditation we explore the weave of Mother Spirit with the  insights of living our awareness of the Elements who speak with us. These events are deeply embodied with being alive as part of Earth now.


These gatherings draw from ancient wisdoms to enhance our living in modern times.

Please Contact for more information. 


The current group event is being held in a rural venue looking out to the Shropshire Hills. 


Theses events can be delivered as a package of five afternoons over a space of time. Contact me to discuss what may be possible.

These events are following Government guidelines at this time.





For many years my work has been with babies, young children, mothers - as well as fathers, grandparents, and other guardians and carers. I have held space through family groups and children's centres, offering a gentle and fun arena for getting to grips with and developing nurturing roles (for adults) and exploring being in a body and in the world (for babies and children).  At times my work centred around education, for children and adults, in a variety of settings, including therapeutic care, and at other times more informally within the  community.



At heart my work has always been, and always is, about creating opportunity for fullest potential to arise and be expressed. 

As a Shamanic Practitioner I hold space for healing and create ceremony for all genders, ages*, stages and kinds of  'birthing' and 'mothering'. Within this process, with opportunity to heal and celebrate, you may come to recognise your inner strength and develop ways to seed joy as stresses and trauma are released and your fullest potential is realised. Within this process new life may arise and surprise you.  


By 'birthing' I refer to that which we may co-create with Spirit and then bring into being, whether a child, a project, a stage of life...….

By 'mothering' I refer to our ability to be the space in which something comes into being, to tend to, to nurture, to release when the time is right. To take care of both ourselves and that which we may birth.



Pages for more information:


Shamanic Healing for Uncertain Times

Soul Plan for adults and The Metamorphic Technique for all ages. 

* an appropriate guardian adult is required to be present for under 18s

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